Remote Patient Monitoring


Doctor Web Portal – key features

  • Remote Consultation: Video/Audio/Text
  • Review Investigation, X-ray, Biopsy, MRI/CT scans
  • Add e-Prescription
  • View Electronic Medical Report
  • Quick Review & Quick Add
  • Surgery schedule and OT Notes
  • Broadcast: Share vital health and wellness
  • Generate Medical certificate
  • Patient Follow up to 5 years
  • Payment gateway

MOBILE APP for Patient – “MutelCare” App-Key features

  • Book Appointment
  • Report Symptoms
  • Add Vitals & Haemodynamic measurements
  • Scan Pathlab Reports to text using OCR
  • Remote Consultation : Video/Audio/Text
  • Track Medical Care Journey
  • Connected devices
  • And many more features …

Intelligent Patient Data Analytics – IPDA

  • Auto Generation of Pre-defined live Reports
  • Patient Performance Trend Analysis
  • Surgery Specific Performance Analysis
  • Vital Specific Trend Analysis
  • Symptoms & Complications Trend Analysis
  • Export, Email, Print and PPT Features
  • And many more analytics reports …

Key Features

Digital Health and Wellness for all

Digital Health transforms the way care is delivered to the patients with an array of benefits


  • Patient Online Registration
  • 360 degree view of health performance of all patients on single dashboard
  • Patient follow up upto 5 years and more
  • Quick overview of critical, stable and unstable patients data
  • Video consultation for priority critical care patient with red flag data
  • Reminders/Notifications for follow up of inactive patients
  • Review of vital signs and health trend data (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly)
  • View/Share/Print predefined patient data analysis



  • Access complete medical record on mobile app
  • Generate Health Report anytime, anywhere on mobile app
  • Consult doctor via video or chat messaging
  • Receive diet plan and prescription online
  • Self-track activities, diet and medication
  • Self-care and manage vital signs
  • 24 x 7 online support, guidance and feedback from Nurse/Doctor
  • Save time and cost
  • Medical Data confidentiality and security

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