Digital Health Products

Digital Health Technology has emerging technology entails many connected tools to make life easier for care providers.

Our solution is for:

  • Post-op remote patient management for Bariatric, GI, General Surgery…
  • Telemedicine Solution
  • Dietitian/ Sports solution
  • Public Health Screening -Rural / Corporate wellness solution
  • CKD- HD & PD
  • Coronary Stent Registry
  • Wireless Nurse call system
  • Patient feedback system
  • Wireless patient counter

Doctor Web Portal

RPDM connects clinicians more directly (and virtually instantly) with relevant patient data, it makes their daily routines more efficient and facilitates the possibility of burn-out giving clear benefits to patient care. RPDM also has the potential to increase the standard of treatment, in addition to increasing the volume of treatment.

Features & Applications

  • Dashboard: Doctor Web portal dashboard gives the Doctor a live update of his/her patient’s remote follow up status and other important health trends in a quick glance.
  • My Appointments: Using ‘My Appointments’ function; the Doctor can view his daily/weekly/ monthly appointments, view available time slots to book new appointments, as well as add new slots for appointments into the system.
  • Patient Manager: Using the ‘Patient Manager’ function; the Doctor can view the complete list of his patients enrolled for remote follow up along with their important data such as vitals, health risk status, health data status, etc and can also enroll a new patient.
  • Broadcast: Using the ‘Broadcast’ function; Doctor can broadcast useful tips and coaching video content that is deemed as useful for the bariatric surgery post-op patients for healthy weight loss and lifestyle management.
  • Messages: Using the ‘Messages’ function, Doctor can initiate chat with the patient as well as other associated Doctors and communicate necessary information in real-time.
  • Video/Audio: Doctor only has the privilege to setup a video/Audio appointment/consultation
  • Patient Protocol: It is a standard, predefined and generalized patient protocol to follow up the patients once they are discharged from the hospital post-surgery.
  • Surgery instruction: Doctor can add the surgery instructions for the respective surgery, for the clinical team to follow the written instructions pertaining to the particular surgery
  • Medical Certificate:Doctor can provide a medical certificate to patient and share on Doctor letterhead
  • Intelligent Patient Data Analytics (IPDA): Using the ‘IPDA’ function, Doctor can use Patient Data Analytics tool for Auto-Generated, Pre-defined, predictive live trend reports of various parameters
  • Settings: Using the ‘Settings’ function, the Doctor can change the password for logging into the portal.
  • Help: Using the ‘Help’ function, the Doctor can refer to User Instructions for using various functionalities of the portal along with contact information for any required assistance.

Patient Mobile Application (MutelCare)

In a nation where a drastic rise in the number of insured has made it harder for certain patients to reach providers, remote monitoring of patients increases physician’s capacity to handle more patients. It opens the door to expanding patient care nationwide.

Features & Applications

  • Book Appointment: patients can book their appointment, by which they can save their travel time and money. Ease of Health Care Service provided to every individual.
  • Measurement: patients can upload their vital measurement which is the most important parameter for getting treatment.
  • Nutrition: patients can track their nutrition plan which is suggested by the Doctor.
  • Activity: patients can track their activity plans which are suggested by the Doctor.
  • Communication mode: Patients can send text to the Doctor for their queries and then the Doctor can revert them through text/audio/video.
  • ePrescription: Patients can get their prescription in Doctors’ letterhead and then they can share it in any online pharmacy or can show to retail pharmacies for getting medication.
  • Patient Notification: Patients can view medication reminders and set a new reminder.
  • Symptoms Report: Patient can select Symptoms along with its Severity and duration; date and time of reporting to be sent to the Doctor.
  • Patient Log Book: Patients can view month wise and year wise log of activities performed on one or all functionalities of the app.
  • Scan report: Patients can scan their various haemodynamic reports, data will be automatically saved in their respective places.

Intelligent Patient Data Analytics – IPDA

RPDM allows health systems to create holistic views of patients, personalize treatments, improve communication, and enhance health outcomes. Through the Intelligent Patient Data Analytics Doctors can have the patient data in graphical as well as tabular form. This is a unique feature of Mutelcor Digital Health Solution which saves time for the health care provider to prepare various pre-defined Auto-generated reports

Features & Applications

Following multiple reports are automatically generated by IPDA:

  • Vital signs trend reporting
  • Graphs and pie charts
  • Predictive & live patient data
  • Gender wise, Disease wise
  • Age-wise, surgery wise
  • Demography wise, Ethnicity wise
  • Symptoms wise, Surgery wise & many more …