Bariatric Patient Data Analytics (BPDA)

A unique Remote Patient Monitoring solution specifically designed for Bariatric Surgeons to collaborate and follow up with their patients post weight loss surgery for upto five years and beyond.

Patients having gone through weight loss procedures are provided with acute care in controlled clinical settings; however a proper health monitoring is missing once they are discharged. Therefore lack of patient monitoring at home often leads to secondary events, hospital readmissions and sometimes even a revised surgery.

With Bariatric Patient Data Analytics RPM solution, the doctors can now provide remote delivery of monitored recovery program to bariatric patients in real time, facilitate risk reduction and support long term monitoring and management of patient’s weight and other vitals.

Using this solution (Doctor Portal and Patient App) Bariatric Surgeons can manage as well as monitor patients’:

  • Vital Signs Status
  • Excess Weight loss trends
  • Symptoms & Medication
  • Activity/fitness regime
  • Nutrition Intake

… and help patients adapt to a healthy post-surgery lifestyle.

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