Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Mutelcor CKD is a unique Remote Patient Monitoring Solution curated with an aim to help the renal failure patients in their various stages of the disease to stay connected with their Doctor and manage their kidney health condition in a remote setting.

Nephrologists can now collaborate with their patients for follow up of their patients especially they are in the Dialysis process.

AI-ML based remote Peritoneal Dialysis Monitoring Solution:

Patient mobile app Kidney dialysis is a process of analyzing the kidney related diseases which takes up a lot of time. With this application, this process will become less time-consuming. This Solution will be divided into three components:

  • a mobile app for the patients,
  • a web Portal for Doctors,
  • Data Management for probability analysis.


Using PD App, Patients can take following pictures:

  • PD Bag images
  • Exit Site image

Nephrologists will receive real time suggestive infection of PD Bag color and Exit Site and output volume of PD bag with high accuracy.


What is Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) App?

Mutelcor PD App helps the dialysis Patient and Nephrologist to automatically detect the type of kidney infection and volume of output fluid in real time by taking a picture with the App on a single click.

What are advantages to Nephrologists?

The Nephrologist receives remotely real time suggested infection-type of Kidney, as well as actual volume output of fluid for quick diagnosis.

What are the advantages to Dialysis Patients?

The Patients without the help of hospital paramedical staff can himself/herself take pictures on mobile phone through the Patient App and send the data to Doctor for review remotely.

Is the use of PD bags data stored and documented?

Yes, each PD Bag used is documented and data stored with timestamp.

Is Patient data secured?

Yes, Data is secured.

Where is data stored?

Data is stored in secured cloud storage and made available anywhere, anytime.

How is PD bag data sent to the doctor?

The patient can use the mobile application to click the picture that is sent to the doctor.

What all tests can be performed using the mobile application?

PD bag colour test, exit site test and volume test can be performed. Volume test and colour test come under PD bag test.

Any constraints on image capturing?

Yes, the PD bag should fit inside the box present on the camera screen for the PD bag test while the exit site should be captured with the site in the middle while clicking the picture.

Can we see the image that is sent to the doctor?

Yes, images are stored in the gallery of the mobile.

Can we resend the images?

Yes, the images can be re-sent, however, it will be considered as a new test. To avoid multiple tests, the patient has an option of either sending the image or re-click, it at the time of sending the clicked image.

How do the doctors access the data?

There is a separate web portal for doctors. They could access the patient records and the tests using the application.