Dietitian Management and Consultation

Nutri Diet Management and Consultation

MutelCare Nutri Diet Management and monitoring:

  • Online consultation
  • Nutrition assessment, requirement & planning
  • Vital Signs monitoring
  • Nutrition intervention and Plan of care
  • Continuous nutrition monitoring and evaluation


Physiotherapy (PT) Nutrition & Activity Management

Physiotherapy Nutrition & Activity Management provides remote monitoring of Physiotherapy to evaluate requirements of a patient’s specific needs.

  • Physiotherapy online consultation, assessment, requirement & planning
  • Vital signs monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation


Can Patient track his/her nutrition values?

Yes, Patients can track their nutrition journey.

Can Patient track his/her Activity?

Yes, Patient can track their activity journey.

Is Patient data secured?

Yes, Data is secured.

Where is data stored?

Data is stored in secured cloud storage and made available anywhere, anytime.

How can Patient and Doctor communicate with each other?

Using video /audio /text, Doctor and Patient can communicate with each other.

What are the unique features of Solution?

  • Registration
  • Appointment
  • EMR
  • Consultation
  • Track nutrition care journey
  • Track activity
  • Diagnosis
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Activity plan
  • Supplements
  • Follow up

Does Solution follow HIPAA compliance?

Yes, Solution follows HIPAA compliance.