Mutelcor e-OPD

A Virtual Consultation Platform for distant patients!

A large segment of urban population today suffers from various long term health conditions that requires a regular periodical checkup and health monitoring. However due to several factors (Socio, Economic, Routine, Distance, Lifestyle) the patients tend to skip the consultations.

Mutelcor e-OPD is a great ‘digital health at Home’ solution that allows the patients to have a virtual visit to the doctor via remote video consultation. A patient can book an online consultation with their respective doctor and save all the time on travel to the clinic and long waiting times!

The platform provides patients with a mobile application, connected with diagnostic devices kit so that patients can check their health at home and stay in touch with their doctors via video-consultation and receive medical advice as well as prescriptions online.

Video Consultation advantage:

  • Instructions are provided
  • Questionnaire is answered
  • Reports, Vitals and Symptoms are uploaded
  • Consultation slot is booked
  • Video Consultation is enabled
  • Doctor provides e-consultation

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