Mutelcor Rural Digital Health

– Ensuring Care Delivery to Last mile!

A unique one stop RPM solution developed for rural sector of the state government; aims to equip the Primary Health Centers, Mobile Clinics, Mohalla Clinics and their Paramedic staff (Doctors, Nurses, ASHAs, ANMs) with Digital Health solution kit to remotely feed the vitals data into mobile app and share with a specialized doctor in a district hospital.

The doctor in the district hospital can view the patient vitals in real time on a dedicated web portal and provide consultation on video as well as write an e-prescription.

Benefit to Public Health Stakeholders and State Govt. Programs:

  • State of the art connected devices for diagnosis and pre-screening of the patient health
  • Diagnosis by Paramedics in MCs/SCs/PHCs and consultation in real time by DH doctors
  • Care delivery to last mile by connecting patients in rural and very remote areas with doctors who otherwise have no access to clinics and hospitals
  • Registration of patients using Biometric Aadhaar Authentication – India Stack to ensure that patient medical records are created, stored in central database and accessed by doctors/nurses at all levels (Mobile Clinics, SC, CHC, PHC, DH, SSH)
  • Patients obtain expert medical attention, saving both time and money
  • Prevent overcrowding of District Hospitals by reduced visits
  • Timely treatment can save adverse health events
  • Platform runs on low bandwidth which means the risk of service downtime is minimal


With adequate training on Digital Health Platform to health workers, district hospitals, as well as mobile clinics, ‘Health for all’ dream can be a living reality in near future.

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