Remote Patient Monitoring

Mutelcor Remote Patient Monitoring Solution is an end-to-end solution. The solution provides Remote Patient monitoring and real-time follow up. Patients can share their vital parameters as per Doctor protocol manually or via connected devices. The solution provides a unique IPDA feature to the Doctors, which helps them to save their precious time in generating various analytical reports of their patients data for evaluating his future procedure management.

SurgiMedcare™: A unique Remote Patient Monitoring solution specifically designed for Surgeons to collaborate and follow up with their patients. Patients who have gone through procedures are provided with acute care in controlled clinical settings, proper health monitoring is missing once they are discharged. Therefore, lack of patient monitoring at home often leads to secondary events, hospital readmissions and sometimes even a revised surgery.

  • Vital Signs Status
  • Excess Weight loss trends
  • EMR
  • Symptoms & Medication
  • Activity/fitness regime
  • Nutrition Intake
  • Video/audio consultation with patient

… and help patients adapt to a healthy post-surgery lifestyle.


What is Remote Patient Data Management?

Remote patient data management solution enables Doctors, Specialists to monitor patient vital parameters, activities, remotely through the patient mobile APP and secured cloud database servers.

Is Patient data secured?

Yes, Data is secured.

Is Patient data import/export possible?

Yes, Patient data can be imported/exported in digital health Solution using Excel sheet automation Technology, also HL7 export and /export features made available in our next version for easy integration to the third party application.

Where data is stored?

Data is stored in secured cloud storage and made available anywhere, anytime.

Can medical devices be integrated with the Solution?

Yes, Medical devices can be integrated with the solution for capturing vital signs, activity trackers etc. through standard interface protocols. Fitbit and iHealth activity tracker already integrated.

What are the benefits to Doctors?

The Solution reduces the time of each consultation, review and follow up of Patients, allowing doctors to see more patients from anywhere. This increases revenue and minimizes overhead expenses.

What are the benefits to Patients?

The Solution gives patients the opportunity to receive care without a physical visit to the doctor’s office. They don’t have to take time away from work or family responsibilities.

How can Patient and Doctor communicate with each other?

Using video /audio /text, Doctor and Patient can communicate with each other.