Telemedicine Solution

Mutelcor Telemedicine Solution is a technology to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area, which may increase access to quality care and safe stay at home.

It increases timely access to appropriate clinical interventions including faster access to services.

The platform provides patients with a Mobile Application named “MutelCare” available on Android and iOS.

Connected devices may also be used by patients to check their vital sign at home and stay in touch with their Doctors via video/Audio/Text consultation and receive medical advice as well as prescriptions online.

Key features:

  • Patient Online Registration
  • Book appointment
  • EMR
  • Video/ Audio/ Text real-time consultation
  • Symptoms, diagnosis treatment plan, ePrescriptions &Medical Certificate
  • Patient Logbook & Follow up


What is Mutelcor Telemedicine Solution?

Mutelcor Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to review, diagnose, and treat patients over video/audio/text in real time from a distance.

Is Patient data secured?

Yes, Data is secured.

Where data is stored?

Data is stored in secured cloud storage and made available anywhere, anytime.

How can Patient and Doctor communicate with each other?

Using video /audio /text, Doctor – Patient can communicate with doctors when need arises.

Is Doctor - Patient appointments recorded?

Yes, Appointment timestamp is documented electronically.

Is Doctor - Patient video consultations recorded?

Telemedicine video consultations are not recorded as per guidelines, however its possible to record.

Can Patient generate health report?

Yes, Patient can track his/her medical care Journey and generate his/her health report.

For which Medical Care Patient should approach for Telemedicine Solution?

  • Apart from emergency patient can avail the consultation through our platform, Urgent care issues that don’t require a physical examination
  • Review of lab tests, diagnostics reports and radiology reports etc.
  • Counselling services
  • Specialist referrals
  • Medication reviews or refills
  • Treatment plan

What should a Patient require for Teleconsultation?

  • Smartphone
  • Good WiFi or mobile connection
  • Activate account through email or text notification
  • For video: To Be prepared 10-15 minutes before the video call

What are the benefits for Doctors?

This Solution reduces the time of each consultation, allowing doctors to see more patients.

What are the benefits for Patients?

Mutelcor Telemedicine Solution gives patients the opportunity to receive care remotely. Save time and reduce cost.

What are the features for Mutelcor Telemedicine Solution?

  • Registration
  • Appointment
  • EMR
  • Consultation
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Plan
  • Prescription
  • Follow up

Does Mutelcor Telemedicine Solution follow HIPAA compliance?

Yes, the Solution follows HIPAA compliance.