IoT LoRa Air Quality Sensor

The purpose of installing a Wireless LoRa Air Quality Solution on the premise is to:

  • Monitor indoor temperature
  • Monitor indoor humidity
  • Monitor CO parameters in atmosphere

Use cases of
IoT LoRa Air Quality:

  • Give temperature at a given time
  • Give humidity information at a given time
  • Give CO information at a given time
  • Wireless temperature and humidity sensor
  • Trend analysis of temperature, humidity and CO

The technical details of IoT device Wireless LoRa Air Quality Solution on the premise are:

  • Worldwide Unlicensed Band – India License-free frequencies 865-867 MHz
  • Wireless – Works on LoRaWAN Technology
  • Integrated Big-Data Analysis Platform- Dynamic Dashboard for Real-time reports and analysis
  • Low Power- Huge Battery life with 3 – 5 years with standard two AA – Alkaline Batteries
  • IP65 Ingress protection
  • This small device can be placed inside other devices
  • Designed, Engineered and developed in Germany
  • Model No: MTC-IN-AQ01
  • Size: 85 x76 x37 mm
  • Net Weight: 134 gm
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Battery Life: 3-5 Years
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C – +70°C
  • Voltage: 5v
  • Frequency: IN 865 -867 MHz (CE & ETA-Approved)
  • SF Supported: 7 – 12
  • OTAA and ABP : Compliant
  • Bit rate: 300 kbps
  • RF Output: 20 dBm
  • TVOC Detection Range: 0-32768ppb

FAQ – LoRa Air Quality

Does the product needs charging?

No, the wireless button works on 2 AA standard alkaline batteries

How often do I have to replace the batteries?

The device can run for up to 5 years

How do I replace the batteries?

Use a standard Phillips (+) screw driver to remove four screws provided on the top to remove the top cover and insert batteries in the battery holders

How do I know the device has started?

A single very short beep (chirp) after inserting the batteries indicates start of the device

How to ensure the device has successfully joined the network?

The join attempt will start some time after the start of the device (by default 30 seconds). 3 very short beeps (chirps) in rapid succession indicate a successful join of the network.

How do I know the correct mounting position of the device?

The device can be placed in false ceiling of the room or inside other devices.