IoT Reflection –
Auto Attendance Tracking System

A convenient, reliable and practical Attendance Tracking system designed for use in the institutional (Universities, Colleges, Schools, Private Institutes) and corporate set up.

  • Instant Auto Attendance of Students & Staff
  • Wireless Check In
  • Real time Reports
  • Fully Scalable
  • No Badges
  • No RFID Cards
  • No QR Codes

Ex: Take a case of classroom attendance in the college:

Authorized user (Faculty) initiates the class – subject in the web application on mobile device.

The detector installed inside the classroom automatically acknowledges and communicates with the paired mobile device of the student once it is in the range. Therefore, when the student enters the classroom, he/she runs the web application on mobile device; the application scans the initiated subject and student checks in the attendance.

Workflow: Marking attendance using mobile device

Key Solution Components

  • Detector
  • Mobile App
  • Web Portal

Web Portal


  • Subject Wise Attendance Sheet
  • Campus Wise Attendance Report
  • Data is stored and managed in the cloud
  • Data is fully secure and encrypted
  • Data can be downloaded and exported into excel file

Key Benefits

  • Time Saving
  • Reliable
  • Paperless
  • Location Based
  • Instant Attendance

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