IoT LoRa Service Call Button

What it Does?

According to the services when a button pressed it performs the following functions:

  • Requested service flashes on the dashboard
  • Alarm Unit rings
  • Sends text messages via telegram
  • Auto generated reports are sent by email

How it Works?

Key Features

  • Worldwide Unlicensed Band:
    • EU 863-870 MHz
    • IN 865 -867 MHz
    • US 902-928 MHz
    • AU 915-928 MHz
  • Integrated Big-Data Analysis Platform- Dynamic Dashboard for Real-time reports and analysis
  • Real time data transfer
  • Encrypted and secure data
  • Unlimited button presses
  • Multi purpose uses
  • Low Power- Huge Battery life for 5 years with standard two AA – Alkaline Batteries
  • LED indicator -Green, blue and red colours
  • Wall mounted IP65 Ingress protection enclosure
  • Inbuilt confirmation alarm and LED light
  • Designed, Engineered and developed in Germany

Product Datasheet

  • Model No: MTC-SCB01
  • Enclosure Size: 158 x 86 x 60 mm
  • Net Weight: 382 g
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to + 55°C
  • Voltage: 3v (2 x AA Battery)
  • Battery Life: 5 Years
  • LoRa Frequency:
    • EU 863-870 MHz (CE-Certified)
    • IN 865 -867 MHz (ETA-Certified)
    • US 902-928 MHz
    • AU 915-928 MHz
  • SF Supported: 7 – 12
  • OTAA and ABP: Compliant
  • RF Output: 20 dBm

Dashboard, Alerts, Alarm & Reports

Our Dashboard:

IT Services Dashboard

Facility Service Dashboard

Pantry Service Dashboard

Dashboard comprises of the following segments:

  • Customizable Dashboard Layout-According to the customer
  • Legends: Convey the button’s battery status and health.
  • Alarms Today: Shows the total number of services raised.
  • Action: Active buttons can be disarmed by clicking on the “disarm button”.
  • Tabular Section: It includes following sections:
    • Location Address: Shows the active request of a floor or store Name
    • Alarm Started: Reflects the time at which request is raised
    • Alarm Stopped: Reflects the time at which request is fulfilled
    • Response Time: Total time to get the service
    • Last Heartbeat: Indicates the time of last heartbeat of the device

Auto Generated Reports: Reports are generated automatically (Weekly, Monthly & Yearly) and transferred to the end user via email.

Application Areas

Depending on the used case we have following application areas:

  • Conference/meeting rooms
  • Restaurant tables to request Drinks, Food or Bills
  • Assistance services like Reception, Food, Laundry at Hotels
  • Hospital rooms to seek nurse
  • Banks, Airports, Educational Institutions and many more as assistance buttons

Key Customers

Following are the list of existing Users/Clients:


Does it work only when the user presses the panic button, or does it remain on continuously?

The device basically remains in sleep mode. It only sends it’s heartbeats in two conditions. Firstly, when the button is pressed and secondly at regular intervals which is normally one hour.

How do I replace the battery?

Use a standard Phillips (+) screwdriver to remove four screws provided on the top to remove the top cover and replace 2 numbers AA batteries from the battery holder.

What are the other accessories required for this product to be functional or is it complete itself?

The device needs a gateway for its functionality. The number of gateways depends on the Location and covered area over which these devices are installed. For better security an Alarm Unit is also needed.

Is the Product durable?

Yes, it is IP65 or IP67 depending upon the use case.

How many devices can be installed and connected with the Gateway?

Any number but 10,000 devices are generally recommended.

How long does it last? In other words, how often do I need to replace the battery?

The battery life of the device can run up to 5 years.

How do I know that the device has joined the network?

The joining attempt will start some time after the start of the device (by default 30 seconds). 3 very short beeps (chirps) in rapid succession indicate successful joining of the network.

Does this product have any certifications and approvals?

Yes, The product is CE certified and ETA approved by Wireless Planning Commission, Govt of India.

Can led light and buzzer beep be customized?

Yes, we do customize according to the customer.