IoT Reflection –
Children Security & Tracking Solution (CSTS)

Children Security & Tracking Solution Is a first of its kind in India based on the latest IoT technology – automatic detection on proximity to the campus. The solution:

  • Tracks and communicates the location of the child upon entering/exiting school and boarding/alighting bus.
  • Equips the child with personal wearable device with integrated SOS / panic button
  • Sends child location alerts to parents and school staff
  • Provides the auto attendance of children and school staff
  • Generates customized live reports for the school management on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

Purpose of installing the Child Security & Tracking Solution in School Premises:

The purpose behind having Child Security & Tracking systems for the school is to keep a constant tap on the safety and security of the children whilst in school across the campus. In case of a life threatening distress event or a severe emergency situation the child can simply press an “SOS Button” on the wearable device to raise an alarm to the school authorities as well as the parent (optional) which in turn can lower the time between the onset of an incident and when responders arrive on the scene. The goal is to notify responders rapidly. This allows for quick de-escalate any crisis, lowering the opportunity of victimization.

Key components
of the CSTS Solution

  • Wearable Devices
  • Alarm Buzzer
  • Panic Buttons
  • IoT Gateway
  • Bus Control Unit
  • CSTS Software Application
  • Tracking & Reporting Dashboard
  • Auto Attendance System

Key Features

Wearable Device

  • Wireless and battery powered
  • Inbuilt SOS Button
  • Accidental Push Proof
  • Robust Quality, ergonomically designed
  • IP 67 (Dustproof, Waterproof, Tamperproof)
  • Programmable Safety Zone
  • Updated Location Tracking every 5/15/30 minutes
  • Long Battery Life: Designed to last full year
  • 1 Year Warranty

IoT Gateway

  • Based on latest LPWAN technology
  • Single Gateway for entire campus
  • Integrated Alarm Unit
  • Highly Scalable to connect unlimited number of Panic Buttons
  • Supports Wi-Fi and GPRS
  • SMS based alerts to designated teams
  • Fully Encrypted and Secure
  • Compact and Sturdy Hardware
  • No monthly subscription cost when used on Wi-Fi
  • Power Supply 220V-240V


  • Interactive and Highly Intuitive Web Based Portal
  • Identifies the child in distress as well as location
  • Displays panic locations where help is needed
  • Real Time Updation
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere

Key Advantages

  • Gives automated alerts when child goes out of the range
  • Email and SMS notification alerts about child
  • Child location updates on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Chatbot
  • Interactive Chatbot for parents to query the location of the kids at school
  • Let’s child use the SOS button to send a help alert
  • Allows admin and school management to navigate child’s location
  • Gives peace of mind to the parents knowing that their ward is tracked and safe
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