Smart People Counter

What it Does?

It performs the following functions:

  • On-screen display of anonymous real-time people count
  • Manage Social Distancing
  • Stand-Alone Device
  • Improve Customer Retention

How it Works?

Key Features

  • Real-time counting without affecting privacy
  • LED Display to visualize the counts
  • Scans any WiFi- or Bluetooth- capable Phone
    • WiFi / Bluetooth need not be switched-on
    • Scanning coverage is configurable
  • Stand-Alone Device
  • Low Power-Micro USB charging
  • Designed, Engineered and developed in Germany

Product Datasheet

  • Model No: MTC-PX03
  • Enclosure Size: 195 x 142 x 45 mm
  • Net Weight: 600 g
  • Enclosure: Black Acrylic
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to + 55°C
  • Power: 220v
  • LED Display
  • Scanning: WiFi or Bluetooth-based

Application Areas

Depending on the used case we have following application areas:

  • Social Distancing
  • Theatres, Restaurants and College Classrooms
  • Office Reception, Conference Room
  • Airports, Railway stations, Municipality Corporation etc.
  • Various Entry/Exit Gates
  • Restrooms
  • Crowd Management

Key Customers

Following are the list of existing Users/Clients:


How does this device work?

The device reads the MAC address of surrounding phones and tablets.

Can it tell the accurate number of people passed?

No, it only counts the mobile phones which are switched on. Mobile phones in aeroplane mode are also not counted. The device is more appropriate to represent the Trends of counts at a particular location and can analyse collective data.

Does the device count if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of Mobile Phones are not ON?

Yes, The device will still count the mobile phones.

Does the pax counter cause risk for the privacy of Mobile phone users?

No, it considers only the first few letters of MAC address for counting.