Low Power Wide Area Network

LPWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Network) is a next – generation wireless telecommunication wide area network that encompasses various implementations and protocols that are be both proprietary and open-source. Its Low Power enables operating sensors on low bit rate and small inexpensive batteries for upto 10 years. The wide area has an operating range that is typically 3-5 kms in urban settings and upto 20 kms in rural settings.

In the bigger scheme of ‘Internet of things’ connectivity , any device that requires a transmission of small data size, for instance: sending less than 1,000 bytes of data per day or less than 5,000 bits per second can use LPWAN technology.

Mutelcor has successfully launched and implemented several IoT solutions such as Restroom Feedback System, Child Security & Tracking Solution, Panic Button Security Solution using LPWAN technology.

Our technical experts engage in constant research, development and testing to determine how LPWAN can potentially address real life problems and solve puzzles faced by various industries and sectors across the geographies and how these businesses can use IoT connectivity to convert millions of data into business growth drivers and performance metrics.

Mutelcor has successfully implemented following IoT Solutions deploying based on LPWAN:

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