With many new technologies hitting the shores, the vendor offerings can look alluring on the surface but eventually they may not be the best fit for the operator. Some may not provide agility and flexibility in future. Others may be overkill due to wasteful over provisioning.

  • So what and where is the right fit?
  • How to ensure vendor / technology reliability?
  • How to ensure seamless implementation?
  • Above all who has the experience, time, resources and tools to do it right?

This is where our RFx Services can add immense value. We are aware that writing RFPs can be an overwhelming process, which is why we help you find the best collaborators through our RFP Consulting Services.

Our technology experts with years of RFP consulting experience:

  • Understand the operators’ technology requirements
  • Orchestrate the entire RFP process from an operational and consulting perspective
  • Assist the project teams in defining the roadmap.

With our aim to transmit client’s key business requirements to the potential collaborators, we put you in the best possible position from a cost-savings standpoint. Our RFP services have typically resulted in up to 50% savings for the network operators.

To benefit from our range of consulting services, write to us at: business@mutelcor.com