The changing reality of Telecommunication

With emerging market needs erupting from the digital deluge, it is predicted that by 2030 the number of connected devices will hit the number of almost 30 billion.

This conveys that technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and IoT will enter into daily lives of the mobile subscribers making the mobile experience much more immersive.

Traditional telecom networks focused on ‘connecting people’ whereas the advanced future network will focus on ‘connecting things’ with low power consumption. Current 4G and 5G networks are designed to provide better throughput, are power hungry and have large bandwidth; however they do not meet the requirements of real time services that will drive data revenues in future. 6G is supposed to offer an even higher throughput and, most importantly, reduce the latency drastically to allow real-time communication between objects, e.g. cars, assembly lines or farming equipment.

Mutelcor Telecom⁠-⁠Consulting

Mutelcor has been a leading provider of telecom consultation services globally for the past 15 years. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, Mutelcor provides customized solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our services include network design, implementation, ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring businesses have the connectivity they need to thrive. Mutelcor’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the industry.

We help the operators to transition smoothly to intelligent – future proof networks. With our end to end capabilities in the areas of strategy, big data and technology, we have been supporting operators reshape their telecommunication business to meet ever evolving future digital demands.

  • Most challenging strategic questions
  • Solutions that solve complex technology puzzles
  • Disruptive and unorthodox approach
  • Vendor Independent Viewpoint
  • Open innovation methodology
  • More than 30 Years of Telco Experience
  • Global Experience in Platform Replacements
  • Turn-key Solutions in IoT, M2M, AI, Core-network, Messaging, Value-added Services

Above all, if you are looking to build revenue beyond voice!

MNOs and MVNOs collaborate with us to utilize our variety of requisite capabilities to accelerate time-to-market in the following areas:

  • Strategy & Technology
  • Project Management

Telecom Project Management

Project Management with a blended approach of consultancy, training and technology

Our consultants embedded with finest project management skills and global standards believe in fit-for-objective methodology and leverage best practices to manage every aspect of the project life-cycle from planning stage to handover.

We have an excellent track record of delivering full spectrum of consulting services to high visibility telecom technology roll outs on time and on budget across the globe. Our consultants ensure that every milestone in the project is fully controlled, well-managed with full transparency is applied to achieve the desired results.

We cater to below mentioned key processes under Project Management.


Key Process

We follow global processes and customize to meet your business requirements. Using standard tools, templates and procedures developed over a period of time in the implementation of turnkey telecom solutions; our project management consultants take end to end ownership of the project implementation. With our experience in building and maintaining Telecom and IT networks, we ensure that the implementation process is customized and time to market is optimized to suit the particular uniqueness of a project. Our approach to project implementation includes:

  • Status Reports
  • Progress Tracking & Supervision
  • Integration Change Control
  • Scope Change Control
  • Risk Monitoring Control
  • Quality & Cost Control
  • Project Progression
  • Performance Reporting
Managing and tracking all phases of projects

Our Consultants ensure that each phase of the project is fully tracked and controlled keeping in view the core drivers of project management: Scope, Quality, Time and Cost. Our approach to project tracking includes:
  • Project Charter & Scoping
  • Work Break Down Structure
  • Governance Procedures
  • Steering Committees
  • Management Presentations
  • Stakeholder Engagement
Proactive approach to mitigate risks: Identify, Quantify & Prioritize

A risk is a combination of constraint and uncertainty. Risk management process helps to make a project run smoothly. By identifying and addressing a list of risks in the early stages of the project management, threats and hazards paired with operational functions can be eliminated. We conduct detailed analysis and develop appropriate mitigation strategies to manage identified risks. Our teams then lay a clear strategy and make necessary recommendations to the operator advising if proactive or response measures should be taken. We offer a broad range of technical expertise and the ability to resource any challenge with a clear focus on two areas: Risk Assessment and Risk Control. Risk Assessment Focus Area
  • Identify Areas of Uncertainties
  • Quantify Risks & Hazard
  • Prioritize Risks
Risk Control Focus Area
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Plan for Emergencies
  • Measure and Control
Process oriented change management

Change is inevitable. It’s not that we have to prevent change from happening; it’s how we manage change once it occurs that really matters. This is why we believe in instituting a formal change control system. Our Project Management teams ensure that all requested scope changes and recommended corrective actions are processed through the Integrated Change Control process. Our approach towards scope change in project management involves the following:
  • Review Deliverables
  • Understand magnitude of Variations
  • Implement scope verification process
  • Impact on contractual provisions
  • Integrate with the other control processes

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