Smart CO2 LoRa Sensor

  • Smart CO2 LoRa Sensor is a unique power-driven Air Quality sensor
  • Measures CO2, Temperature and Humidity every 2 seconds
  • Robust dual-channel NDIR sensor
  • Automatic Traffic Light Feature
  • Local and LoRa-based Alarms based on multi-color LEDs and Sound
  • Plug & Play handling with multiple Threshold settings

Key Features


Available in

Dashboard, Alerts & Reports

Dashboard comprises of the following segments:

Application Areas


CO2: 0-40.000 ppm
Temperature: 0-70°C
Humidity: 0-100% Rh

The sensor comes fully calibrated. Manual calibration of the sensor can be easily done in real-time over the LoRaWAN Network.

Over 1000 devices in parallel can be easily connected with a single gateway.

The device runs on power only. A Power Adapter is provided together with the sensor.

The product is CE, RoHS, REACH, WEEE certified in Germany and ETA approved by the Wireless Planning Commission, Govt of India.

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