LoRa Alarm Unit

When the Alarm Unit is triggered by a LoRa downlink message, it performs the following functions:

  • Configurable Alarm is started (LED and Buzzer behaviour can be configured)
  • The LED Button can be pressed to stop the Alarm locally on the Device
  • When the Alarm is stopped, a LoRa uplink message is sent

Key Features


  • LoRa Frequency:
    • EU863-870 (CE-Certified)
    • IN865-867 (ETA-Certified)
    • US902-928
    • AU915-928
    • AS923-1, -2, -3, -4
    • KR920-923
  • OTAA and ADR: Compliant
  • SF Supported: 7 – 12
  • RF Output: 14 dBm

Available in

Usage and Integration

LoRa Alarm Unit can be used either independently or with our other products like LoRa Panic Button with Confirmation, Smart CO2 LoRa Sensor or LoRa Air Quality Sensor to siren Alarms and Alerts.

Application Areas


The device needs a LoRa Gateway and LoRaWAN network. The number of required gateways depends on the Location and covered area over which these devices are installed.
Over 1000 devices in parallel can be easily connected with a single gateway.
The device runs on power and optionally on battery.
The product is CE, RoHS, REACH, WEEE certified in Germany and ETA approved by the Wireless Planning Commission, Govt of India.
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