Defining – Internet of Things

… connectivity for everyone, everything and everywhere!

  • Transforms the unconnected objects into smart connected devices
  • Builds an ecosystem of connected physical devices accessible through internet
  • Equips the connected devices with embedded technology to observe
  • Identifies and understands the surrounding, generate data and communicate within the network
  • Lastly, IoT enables agglomeration of various technologies working in tandem

Growth trends ‘from Greenfield to mainstream’ by 2020

  • Gartner predicts more than 65% of enterprises will adopt IoT products.
  • IoT market to reach $267B by 2020 according to Boston Consulting Group
  • World will have anywhere from 50 to 200 Billion connected devices
  • IoT will have the most transformative effect on industries that aren’t technology-based today
  • 50% of IoT spending will be driven by manufacturing, transportation, and logistics, and utilities
  • IoT use cases will resolve daily chores in households to manufacturing space rockets

–  Key Components

How IoT Works?

IoT device deployments generate masses of data that can be translated into insights and information which can be transformed into concrete actions further enabling streamlined workflows and automated processes.


Harnessing Data Driven Future …

It is clear that the currency of IoT will be ‘data’ that it will generate; enabling businesses in future take informed business decisions  whether it is increasing revenues, reducing operating costs or improving efficiencies.

Businesses in the utilities, oil & gas, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and retail sectors are likely to reap the benefits of IoT applications capped with business analytics and witness massive transformation; changing the way in which business is done today.

Some of the IoT Applications …

Smart Homes & Offices

Digital Health

Pet Tracking

Asset Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Smart Farming

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