Defining – Internet of Things

… connectivity for everyone, everything and everywhere!

  • Transforms the unconnected objects into smart connected devices
  • Builds an ecosystem of connected physical devices accessible through internet
  • Equips the connected devices with embedded technology to observe
  • Identifies and understands the surrounding, generate data and communicate within the network
  • Lastly, IoT enables agglomeration of various technologies working in tandem


LoRa is wireless technology that enables low data rate communications made over long distances by sensors and actuators for machine to machine and IoT applications. What makes LoRa particularly popular with the enterprises is its long range capability as new nodes can easily be connected and activated and coverage is easy to provide.

An enterprise today can deploy their own LoRa network and use the same network for variety of use cases such as asset management, human tracking & security, transportation and logistics tracking. Because of the wide coverage capabilities, it can be deployed using 1 or more gateways. With negligible recurring costs, LoRa is taking over the traditional GPRS communications.

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How IoT works?

IoT device deployments generate masses of data that can be translated into insights and information which can be transformed into concrete actions further enabling streamlined workflows and automated processes.

Some of the IoT Applications …

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